Synthetic fluide for AT and PS in Uzbekistan Total Fluide G3, ATF 3 Ташкент - изображение 1

Synthetic fluide for AT and PS in Uzbekistan Total Fluide G3, ATF 3

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FLUIDE G3 is an automatic transmission fluid designed for hydraulic systems and power steering systems.
FLUIDE G3 is recommended for automatic transmissions and hydraulic systems, for which the manufacturer requires the use of an automatic transmission fluid of the GM DEXRON III class. Especially suitable for heavy duty applications.

Excellent thermal stability due to good antioxidant and detergent properties. Excellent frictional properties provide controlled slippage of rubbing elements: smooth gear changes, required smooth operation of clutches without excessive slippage Precise and smooth automatic shifting even at very low driving speeds Good fluidity at low temperatures avoids surges and accidental increases in hydraulic oil pressure during cold starts High anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-foam properties.

Meets the requirements:
Ford mercon

Manufacturer approvals:
Mercedes MB-Approval 236.9
Volvo 97341
MAN 339 Typ V1 / Z1 / L1
Voith H55.6335.xx
ZF TE-ML 04D / 14A / 11B1

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